Authenticity, precision and purpose. The SUPERB’s design conveys each of these in style. The perfectly balanced  exterior proportions, sporty silhouette and dynamic  horizontal lines have been enhanced,  complemented  as ever by razor-sharp angles throughout.

ŠKODA Superb Estate price starting from just £25,975 and available to buy from Underwoods - ŠKODA Main Dealer in Colchester, Essex.

Rear LED Lights
The full LED rear lights are fitted with dynamic indicators, revealing where the driver is about to turn with a sense of vibrancy. The rear lights also feature C-shaped illumination, typical for the ŠKODA  family, but updated with a modern twist.SUNROOF This electric panoramic sunroof provides extra sunlight and fresh air at the simple touch of a button,

Full LED Matrix Headlight
Using a windscreen camera, the full LED Matrix headlights of the SUPERB can detect a car in front of you or in oncoming traffic. Based on this, the high beam adjusts itself incrementally. This ensures you get the best view without blinding other drivers

Tri-Zone Control Climate
This intelligent system enables different temperatures to be set for the driver,  front and rear passengers. It’s also fitted with a humidity sensor to reduce windscreen misting.

From taking calls to switching between your favourite playlists, SmartLink+ enables you to safely use your smartphone through the infotainment system. It also includes SmartGate, which enables you to record and analyse your drive.

Navigation System
The Columbus satellite navigation with 9.2" touchscreen display and integrated Wi-Fi will get you from A to B, but why stop there? With Bluetooth®, SmartLink+, DVD drive and two SD card slots, it offers complete connectivity on-the-go.

Emergency Call
Activated by pressing a red button placed in the roof headlining, Emergency Call provides immediate contact with the emergency services. In the event of a crash, the call is made automatically to ensure you get the help you need. 

Jumbo Box
The Jumbo Box is extremely handy for holding cups, as well as storing your gadgets, house keys and books. It is also home to a second USB port, now a standard feature with SUPERB.

Adaptive Cruise Control
Adapt your speed automatically with Adaptive Cruise Control, which uses the radar in the front grille to maintain a constant distance from the vehicle in front at speeds of 15mph or more.

Park Assist
This function removes the stress of bay and parallel parking by identifying if the parking spot is big enough before automatically steering into the space.

Blind Spot Detect
An extra set of eyes on the road that monitors the blind spots allowing you to manoeuvre safely.

Lane Assist
Helping you stay in the intended lane of travel, Lane Assist uses a camera to detect road markings, and supports steering if you veer too close to the edge.

Front Assist with Predictive Pedestrian Protection
Using a radar device in the front grille, the Front Assist system is designed to monitor the distance from the vehicle ahead, and also includes an emergency braking function. The new SUPERB comes with Front Assist expanded with predictive pedestrian protection, which warns the driver via an audio/visual signal as well as a gentle jolt of the brakes.