If you’re driven by something different, you know life is about more than just money. The Alternative Rich List celebrates people who understand that there are many types of riches. So welcome to ŠKODA’s showcase of these inspirational individuals.

The man who ignited a health drive

Errol McKellar - Cancer Campaigner

Hackney garage owner Errol Mckellar discovered he had prostrate cancer during a routine visit to his GP. His successful treatment left him feeling lucky to be alive and determined to do more to fight the disease.

To that end, Mckellar offered a 20 per cent discount to any male customer who went to their GP for a prostrate check. Todate, his 'prostrate MOT' campaign has encouraged 5,000 people to get tested of whom 48 have been diagnosied and 46 have survived.

"I feel a moral duty to do this and someone has to lift the stigma surrounding prostrate cancer," McKellar says. "People come back to thank me but in no way am I a hero. The ones who take the test are the heros."

Woman and children first

Liz Clegg - Refugee worker

"I saw feral, half-starving kids as young as ten fighting to survive. I couldn't just leave them." She didn't leave them.

Liz Clegg had beenworking at Glastonbury Festival in 2015 and thought she'd drive some leftover tents and wellies to Calais for refugees. The people she found there needed far more. She stayed for 15 months, organising a woman and children centre in the "Jungle" camp.

She now lives in Birmingham, where she has set up Meena (Pashto for "Love") to help woman and children asylum seekers. One Afghan boy, now 13, is in her care. "He has witnessed terrible things and survived in Calais on his wits." says Clegg, 52 and a Mother of two grown-up children.

As for how she soped: "My life as a traveller and working for the fire service gave me the tools to manage the chaos and stress levels in the canp." People need to wake up, she says, and be active in life. "Apathy will be all of our downfalls."

A marine campaign that is going swimmingly

Lewis Pugh - Swimmer, ocean advocate

Growing up in Plymouth and Cape Town, Lewis Pugh was never far from the sea. After working as a maritime lawyer and serving in the SAS, Pugh answered his calling. "I love the oceans and have seen them change so I undertake swims in the most vulnerable parts to campaign for their protection."

His efforts helped in the creation, last year, of the Ross Sea Marine Protected Area in Antarctica, all 1.5m aq k of it. He'll be swimming in those icy esters again soon (in just his speedos) campaigning for six more MPA's. "The destruction of our environment threatens our very existence," says Lewis, 47. "To watch it unfold was not an option for me."

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