Making ‘End of Lease’ easy

At the end of their lease, 92 per cent of customers opt to choose a new car through Motability. As you reach the end of your current contract, you may be thinking of getting your next Motability car. You can choose from a wide range cars, from our top manufacturers. Our franchised manufacturers have many models that you can drive away with NIL Advance Payment - with many more at less than £500.

Final MOT

At the end of your 3 year Motability contract you will need an MOT test to be completed before you hand the car back at the end of the agreement. If you received your Motability car from Underwoods in Essex or Suffolk we will contact you to book your MOT towards the end of your agreement. Should you have any concerns, please call your Underwoods Motability Specialist at your chosen franchise.

If you prefer, Underwoods can take care of your final MOT even if we didn’t supply the vehicle originally. That will give you a chance to view one of our five brands; Vauxhall, Peugeot, Skoda, Mazda or Kia.

The cost of the MOT is included in your worry-free Contract Hire lease (including where a lease has been extended).

Hand back, whatever the make

The Motability scheme is all about mobility and choice. There are many superb motoring brands offering Motability, for many of which Underwoods are your local main dealer. In Colchester, we can offer five leading motoring brands all in one place. Now that’s convenient!

Should you be driving a Motability car outside of one of our franchised manufacturers don’t worry, we are happy to take care of the hand back of your current car no matter who supplied it originally. As stated above, we can provide your end of term MOT, paid by the scheme, and organise the supply of your nice new car on scheme.

If you would like to bring your Motability car to Underwoods contact one of our Motability Specialist and we can make the necessary arrangements.

Click here to find all our specialists for all our dealerships.

Contact or visit the Underwoods Vauxhall in Essex & Suffolk most convenient to you.

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