All-New Corsa from Vauxhall is an award winning small car, boasting a bold and stylish new body shape, some very cool technology and a great range of new engines including all-electric option, making this the most fun Corsa ever.

Built for everyday driving enjoyment with more space inside and in the boot, plus superb features including; advanced park assist, front fog lights, 16-inch alloy wheels, panoramic sunroof, steer-automatic parking and blind spot alert. Read about the all-new Corsa below or click the link for our latest special offers.


The All-New Corsa is available from Underwoods your Vauxhall Main Dealer in Colchester, Clacton & Tiptree in Essex or Sudbury in Suffolk.


The all-new Corsa is looking good with a wider, lower and more dynamic new design. Featuring a bold five door hatchback shape, distinctive grille, bigger air intakes and stylish integrated daytime running lights.

You have room for more in all-new Corsa with increased space inside and more room in the boot. The interior incorporates lightweight materials for a much more refined look. 

Interactivity plays a massive part in any new vehicle, so with a choice of 7" and 10" colour touchscreens available (based on model variant)  with a range of new infotainment systems. You'll enjoy every moment by connecting with your smartphone and enjoying your way of driving.

Size matters when it comes to wheels. All-new Corsa offers stunning alloy wheels as standard, but make your new Corsa your own by adding 16" or 17" alloy wheels with a head-turning design and a smooth drive. Take a spin and experience serious style.


The all-new Corsa works to support your driving experience with an intelligent on-board camera system and sensors. Keep safely on the right path with Lane Assist monitors and should you start to drift across a lane, the smart steering wheel gently nudges you back on safe track. Other safety features include Automatic emergency braking, forward collision alert, speed-sign recognition and driver drowsiness alert.​ This is ideal for long drives and in dark conditions. 

The all-new Corsa was the first in its class to have adaptive, glare-free LED headlights. With High Beam Assist, your lights with automatically deactivate full beam when a vehicles is approach, making it easier to illuminate your way through the darkness without inadvertently dazzling other drivers. Now that's a bright idea.

Panoramic rear-view camera in the Corsa offers an unbeatable 180 view behind you, which means parking has never been so easy. Reversing into tricky parking spaces is now safer, simpler and free from stress, plus you will look like a parking pro when you do it!

Automatic Cruise Control lets you drive with confidence and ease and a safe speed. The built-in system speeds up and slows down based on the traffic speed ahead, allowing you to keep a safe distance from other road users. 


The all-new Corsa works to support your driving experience with an intelligent on-board camera system and sensors.

Lane Assist
The all-new Corsa will keep you safely in the right lane using intelligent on-board camera system and sensors. The road ahead will be constantly monitored to always keep you safely in lane. Should you and your Corsa begin drift, the smart steering wheel very gently nudges you back on track. An ideal safety features for long drives especially at night.

Advanced Emergency Braking
Corsa's automatic Advanced Emergency Braking system is always looking out for you and others and will automatically begin to slow or even stop your car should it detect danger of a collision. This has the potential to reduce the risk of accidents and could even save lives.

Speed Sign Recognition
We should all monitor our speed, however All new Corsa offers Speed Sign Recognition and alerts you to these essential signs as they are displayed on the road. It will even show you speed limits which are upcoming ahead of you. Using the cruise control, with the touch of a button you can auto adjust your speed as required.

Side Blind Spot Alert
This is a real lifesaver as it will want you of any cars you cannot see, and helps to make changing lanes much safer, especially on busy motorways.

Driver Drowsiness System
Now this is a vert smart addition. Our Driver Drowsiness System uses sensors to detect and signs of tiredness you are displaying and warn you accordingly. They you will know when it is time take a driving break.

Lane Departure Warning
Lane Departure Warning provides both an audio and heads-up alert, should you begin to drift out of lane without using your indicator signals.


A state-of-the-art colour touchscreen entertainment system is a big feature in the Corsa, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto supported, making connecting to your smartphone easy. Play your favourite tunes using hands-free voice control and listen to them throughout the car using Bluetooth audio streaming. Seriously clever, seriously connected.

The multimedia Satellite Navigation system viewed through the colour touchscreen display is easy to use and follow to your desired destination. 


Both you and your passenger can keep cosy by indulge yourselves with heated seats, with three levels. The just for the driver get even warmer with the optional heated steering wheel. When the coder weather arrives, you wont want to get out of your new Corsa.

You'll never be more comfortable behind the wheel thanks to the in-seat massager. Wherever you're going, however far it is, you can finally feel relaxed and refreshed.


The all-new Corsa boasts an impressive 309 litre boot capacity, which means for a small car you will have loads of space to play with. Plus if you need more you can simply down the rear seats.


All-new Corsa has a choice of petrol, diesel and fully electric engines. The range kicks off with the 1.2 litre (75PS) petrol unit. Next up - a nippy, award-winning, direct-injection turbocharged 1.3 litre (100PS) model. And the 1.5 litre diesel option pushes 102PS with maximum torque of 250Nm. more power to you.

Now come and meet Corsa-e, our very first fully electrified Corsa, which effortlessly glides from 0 to 60mph in an astonishing 7.6 seconds. With lower running costs it’s easy on your pocket and on the environment.

Shift into gear. The Corsa's super-efficient 8-speed transmission - featuring shift paddles on selected models - makes every journey effortless. Discover control, the way it's meant to be.

The most efficient Corsa ever
This is the most efficient Corsa ever, weighing and incredible 10% less than the previous model. That makes a huge difference and improves performance and increases efficiency. The steering id much sharper too, which comes in handy for urban and city driving. So Corsa is clearly fun to drive, plus the Petrol and Diesel engines use less fuel and produce less CO2 emissions.