• Sophisticated IntelliLux LED headlight system available on Insignia and Astra
  • Adaptive AFL LED technology available on models including Mokka X and Grandland X

Now the clocks have gone back and the nights draw in, Vauxhall drivers can be well prepared for driving in the darker, winter nights thanks to its range of intelligent lighting technologies.

IntelliLux LED for Insignia and Astra

Vauxhall’s Insignia and Astra models are available with sophisticated IntelliLux LED headlight systems that significantly improve night-time visibility.

Having developed its award-winning matrix lighting technology in recent years, Vauxhall introduced a 32-light system within the Insignia’s ultra-slim headlamps last year. The increased number of LED segments in the headlamps results in smoother transitions between lighting patterns to suit every driving condition. Automatically and constantly adapting the range and distribution of light from the headlamps, the system delivers a brighter light in a precise manner, at all times managing to avoid dazzling other road users.

Functions, including curve and spotlight illumination, improving long-range visibility when driving at night. When taking a curve with the full beam engaged, the light intensity automatically rises based on the steering angle to increase the illumination and help the driver to see the road situation ahead. Each headlight also features a high-beam spotlight for additional illumination up to 400m ahead, further improving the Insignia’s long-range visibility.

First shown on the Vauxhall Monza concept in 2013, demonstrating the company’s vision of how its cars would look in the future, Vauxhall’s award-winning Astra is available with 16-light IntelliLux LED system.

Innovative full LED lights

Adaptive AFL LED technology is also available on selected Vauxhall models including Mokka X and Grandland X. The light pattern can be changed and provides improved functionality compared to previous lighting technologies. On the Grandland X, the AFL LED headlamps feature high beam assist, automatic levelling, variable lighting distribution for towns, country roads and motorways, plus functions for cornering, turning and adverse weather.

“As a progressive British brand, Vauxhall has always made innovative technology attainable to our customers,” said Ian Mitchell, Vauxhall’s Product Marketing Manager. “We are delighted to offer award-winning lighting technology, such as IntelliLux LED, to mainstream car buyers.”