You and your car's safety is our priority.

As we all start to adjust to the ‘new normal’, it’s very important to make sure your vehicle is safe and running at its best. That’s why we are offering all drivers a choice of 3 Summer Safety Checks. So no matter what make of car you drive we have a solution for you. You can be confident that all checks are completed by our highly trained technicians, following strict safety procedures to ensure your car is returned to you safely.

Our safety checks start at just £10 for Service Club customers.

Confidence, convenience and great value guaranteed



£15 (or £10 for Service Club members) for a comprehensive 29-point visual check and manual vehicle disinfection


£39 for a comprehensive 29-point visual check, including a top-up of six of your vital fluids plus a complete vehicle anti-bacterial cleanse using a specialist sanitising system*


£99 for a comprehensive 29-point visual check, a complete cleanse and de-bug of your air-conditioning system; we will also replace your Vauxhall Approved pollen filter and carry out a manual vehicle disinfection.

What’s included in the 29-point vehicle health check?

Lights & Electrical

External lights
Internal light
Wipers and washers
Heating ventilation and A/C

External / Internal

Brake noise / feel
Clutch / transmission operation
Engine noise / smoke
Glass / mirrors
Seat belts – security and operation

Fluid Top-up (where needed)

Brake fluid
Engine oil
Clutch fluid
Power steering fluid

Brakes Hubs

Brake fluid condition / temperature
Master cylinder / servo
Linings – pads / shoes
Discs / drums
Hoses / pipes / cables / wheel bearings


Steering / suspension
Drive shafts / gaiters
Oil leaks
Exhaust system / catalyst 

Under bonnet

Fluid levels – oil / coolant / screenwash
Fluid leaks – oil / water
Battery condition / security 
Drive belts

Wheel / Tyres

Nearside front
Offside front
Nearside rear
Offside rear
Tyre pressures (check & adjust accordingly)
Check tyre inflation kit

The Vehicle Health Check is a visual inspection only

All this from just £10.00

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