Hear real-life stories and find accessible ideas for making the most of your Motability Scheme car below.

Alan’s story: How the Scheme has changed my life
Alan, Scheme customer and ex-armed forces, tells us how the Scheme has changed his life.“It has given me the freedom to continue with my recovery both physically and mentally.” It’s allowed him the opportunity to choose a car that’s comfortable for both himself and his family, and has enabled him to continue his passion for golf, archery and travel. Alan’s wife, Julie says that the Scheme has given Alan a lot of freedom, “It’s like his safety net. He’s been able to go places on his own and visit places that he wouldn’t have been able to go to before”.

“Funny, happy and exciting” are the three words that Julie uses to describe the Scheme and the impact that having a car has made to Alan’s life.

Watch Alan and his wife, soul-mate and carer Julie’s story on how the Scheme has made an impact on their life. .


Barry’s story: The freedom to explore
Despite being diagnosed with motor neurone disease, Barry continues to live an adventurous life. Here he talks about how the Motability Scheme has enabled him to adapt and continue to explore, since his diagnosis in 2012. “My favourite place is Scotland. When I retired, I decided I wanted to drive and take my time to go around the East Coast and down the West Coast.”

Bianca’s story: the freedom to enjoy family life
Bianca, mum of three children tells us how the Motability Scheme has given her, and her family a new lease of life, enabling them to continue to go on journeys and adventures together. Bianca has a five year old son, Anthony who has cerebral palsy and explains how the Scheme has allowed them to spend time together as a family with Anthony’s brother and sister.

Ronald’s story: Enjoying the freedom that the Motability Scheme brings us as a family
Due to his condition, sickle cell anaemia, Ronald has difficulty walking long distances. Without his Motability Scheme car, Ronald says he’d be stuck at home, “It really is a lifeline that I can get out and about and live my life, taking the kids to school, and visiting friends and family.”

Steve’s Story: realising my independence
Steve has been a Motability Scheme customer for 10 years and in this video, he shares with us how the Motability Scheme has given him the freedom of independence. Due to his condition, arthrogryposis, Steve is limited in what he can do physically. From a young age, he was told that he would never be able to drive. ’I’ve always tried to do my best to prove other people wrong, so when someone told me that I wouldn’t be able to drive I’m like, I’m gonna do that no matter what somebody says.’

Urvashi’s story: It lets you enjoy life better
“The Scheme has made us more able to go out together. Do things together.” Urvashi tells us how the Motability Scheme has let her and her family continue to do the things they would usually do.


Kim’s story: Caring for my mum
“When mum became ill very unexpectedly, I quit my job and became her full-time carer. It was difficult but the Scheme allowed me to have something that was quality. It gave me time to find myself again.” Kim explains that she uses the Motability Scheme car to take her mum out and about.


Jeffery’s story
“I think we must have gone around Spaghetti Junction six times… It was like a honeymoon!” Jeffery and his wife Susan share their experiences, including a few too many trips around Spaghetti Junction.