Check and manage your electric vehicle range remotely and in real time using your smartphone. With MyVauxhall you can check the charge and range of your vehicle at any time, and if you’re plugged into a charging point, you’re even able to control charging when you’re far away. To offer peace of mind, you can be alerted when the battery is full or the charging interrupted.

The remote pre-conditioning feature allows you to warm or cool the vehicle to an optimal temperature before starting your journey. With your comfort in mind, this feature allows you to maximise range if your vehicle is on charge, by taking energy from the source, rather than the battery.

This service is supplied free of charge by Vauxhall for the life of the vehicle.

Stay in control of your vehicle

Be in the know about your vehicle state of charge

On the welcome page of the MyVauxhall app, you can see the remaining range of your vehicle in real time. You can also check whether you’re plugged in and charging, and see confirmation of the charging type (rapid or standard)

Stay in control of your vehicle, even from afar

Once your Vauxhall is plugged into a charging point, control the charging from your smartphone. You can start, stop or programme a charge for a time to suit you, allowing you to benefit from any off peak charging tariffs without having to go out to your vehicle.

Equally, you can follow the real-time speed of charge and the remaining charging time.

In the event of any unplanned interruptions to your charging session, you can be alerted by your MyVauxhall app. You will also be informed when your vehicle is fully charged.

Prepare Cabin Temperature

Enjoy optimum comfort from the moment you step inside your vehicle, regardless of the outside temperature. From your smartphone, pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin of your Vauxhall though the MyVauxhall app – whether you’re plugged in or not.

If your vehicle is plugged in, the remaining range and state of charge of your battery won’t be diminished.

The e-Remote Control service also gives you the ability to plan pre-conditioning slots to suit your schedule, ensuring you can make the most of your Vauxhall in all circumstances.

How to activate the service

It’s waiting for you!

The e-Remote Control service is only available within the MyVauxhall smartphone app.

How to use the service

To learn more about the service, check out our tutorial.

Guide (PDF) for e-Remote Control service activation

Where can I use the service ?

You can subscribe to the e-Remote Control service in any country where the service is available. Once activated, the service can be used as well in a wider geographical area.