Your local Spar / BP Service Station in Sudbury

For your convenience, your local Spar store and BP fuel station is right here on Cornard Road, Sudbury.

We are open Monday to Saturday: 6:30am until 10:30pm and Sunday from 8am until 10pm.


Our Spar store offers a wide range of everyday grocery essentials that can be found at the larger supermarkets, plus a few specialities the Spar has to offer.

This includes fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, breads and dairy. We have extensive fridges and freezers for frozen food items. We stock everything from canned goods, pasta, cereals, teas and coffees, breads, cakes and biscuits, to cleaning products and toiletry items. Many items are available as both household brands and Spar alternatives.

We offer a wide range of quality Spirits, Wines and Beers (including chilled), as well as tobacco and vape products.

Small electric essentials such as charging cables, headphones etc are available as well as newspapers and magazines.

Quality Wines

As a Spar store we offer an affordable, delicious and extensive range of Wines including; White, Red and Rose. From Chardonnay to Merlot, Pino Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc.

The Spar provides a carefully curated Wine range from across the World including South Africa, New Zealand and Europe.

All our wines are available at affordable Spar prices.


We pride ourselves in presenting a very clean and tidy environment for you to shop. You will find our team constantly cleaning surfaces, tidying our displays and restocking to make shopping at the Sudbury Spar an enjoyable experience.

We believe a clean shop is a happy shop and we hope you'll notice the difference.

Sweets and Treats

For those with a sweet tooth or a savoury craving, we stock a wide range of confectioneries, fizzy drinks, chocolates, candy sweets, crisps and snacks. Ice Creams are always in stock.

We stock the most popular brands such as Walkers, Pringles, Cadburys and Mars, plus Haribo and Rowntree's alongside a wide range of Spar alternative sweets.

Hot and Fresh

We provide fresh coffee alongside freshly bakes pastries and savoury foods such as pasties and sausage rolls.

Delicious coffee is available from our dedicated COSTA Express self service dispensing machine.

Fuel and Service

We provide six pumps offering Unleaded, Super Unleaded and Diesel. Air for tyre pressure is also available.

Displayed on the forecourt you will find items including; fuel cans, kindling and fire wood, de-icer, screen wash, charcoal and much more.

Customer Parking

For those not visiting for the fuel forecourt, we provide a spacious car park for visitors. Adjacent to the car park is a bottle bank and a Royal Mail Postbox.