Interest free 0% payments for your car repairs

Underwoods offer our customers a manageable, interest free payment plan to help cover the costs of car repairs and accessories called Bumper. A fixed fee, payable over three monthly instalments means car-owners can get back on the road without facing hefty, upfront costs. With a minimum loan amount of £100 up to £3000, there is financial help for the majority of repairs you may require.

Bumper is a simple financing solution for car repairs*, providing instalment financing that allows you to spread the cost of your car repairs over 3 months. The loan is interest free and is paid over three monthly instalments on dates you the customer chooses.

For example, if you had additional work identified, outside of the cost of your Service or MOT worth £300 or more, you may wish to pay nothing that day and £100 per month over the next 3 months, simple!

3 Monthly Payments
Fixed manageable payments for car repair and accessory purchases.

Interest Free
Pay only for the quoted costs. No hidden charges, no catches.

Up to £3,000
You are able to finance a minimum of £100 to a maximum of £3000.​​

Choose Payment Date
Choose the monthly payment date most convenient to you and your finances.

How does the Bumper repair plan work

  • You will be made aware that a finance option is available by our Service Advisors when you drop your vehicle at the dealership for scheduled work.
  • Our Service Advisor will offer finance to customers who have had red and amber work identified during their Vehicle Health Check.
  • If you accept, the loan agreement will be explained and you are reminded to bring in photo ID when your return to collect your vehicle.
  • When you arrive to collect your vehicle after the work has been completed and asked to verify your identity by two of the following; full name, date of birth, email address.
  • Once completed, all the remaining loan agreement documents and direct debit mandate will be emailed to you.

Features and Benefits

  • Interest Free - Cheaper than a credit card.
  • Repay in instalments - Easily affordable, spread the cost across three smaller payments instead of one large invoice.
  • Accessories - Financing can be used on car accessories.
  • Online process - It's really quick and doesn't involve any paperwork.
  • Quick decisions - Don't have to wait around for a decision.
  • Direct Debit - Payments collected by Direct Debit
  • Select monthly payment date - Affordable as you can manage when the payment comes out each month.
To find out more, contact your local Underwoods dealership or ask for details on your next visit.
Bumper is available at all Underwoods branches in Tiptree & Clacton in Essex and Sudbury, Suffolk

*Bumper package may only be used on cost of car repairs and accessories, excluding Service and MOT payments.

*Bumper package may only be used on cost of car repairs and accessories, excluding Service and MOT payments. Finance package cannot be used against price promotion.