Breakdown Recovery Assistance

If you are an Underwoods customer we want to ensure you and your vehicle are safely recovered in the occurrence of a breakdown. The following information provides you with useful contact numbers and some important safety tips.

Manufacturers Cover

Firstly, if your car is under 12 month old from new, then the Manufacturer provide Free Breakdown Cover to their customers. Please find a list of numbers below:

Vauxhall 0800 553388 (RAC)

Skoda 0800 526625

Kia 0330 1590418

Recommended Breakdown Cover

If your car is over 12 months old we can recommend an Essex based company called ‘Service On Site’ who will be able to collect you and your car and ensure you are safely returned either to your home, or ideally straight back to your local Underwoods. Our experienced Manufacturer trained Technicians will get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

Service On Site 01245 465317

'Service On Site' provide a 24 hour Breakdown service in the local area. Please be aware this is chargeable. The charges are £75.00 Inc VAT (10 Miles free) - £1.56 Inc VAT per mile

What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down

If you experience a vehicle breakdown, your first and most important priority is making sure you and any passengers stay safe. Driving a vehicle that breaks down can be a dangerous situation, especially if you’re travelling on a busy road, such as a motorway, at the time.

Let’s take a look at some of the steps you can take to stay safe in a breakdown.

  • Stop in a safe place
  • Exit the vehicle from the passenger side
  • Find a safe and secure spot for passengers outside of the vehicle
  • Keep pets inside the vehicle
  • Call Breakdown Assistance for help
  • Put your hazard warning lights on. If it’s dark or foggy, keep your sidelights on too.
  • Stay well away from moving traffic. It’s usually safest to get out of your car (using the doors facing away from passing traffic) and wait behind a barrier. If you’re on a motorway, move up the bank if you can. Leave animals in the car
  • Wear a reflective jacket if you have one.
  • Do not put a warning triangle on the hard shoulder if you’re on a motorway – it’s not safe. If you’re on a road and it’s safe, you can put a warning triangle at least 45m (50 yards) behind your vehicle.
  • Do not attempt even a simple repair if you’re on a motorway.

Please note that this information is for guidance only and not to be relied upon as advice.