Supagard Vehicle Protection

What is Supagard?

Supagard is the UK's market leader in professionally applied quality car care products and is approved by most leading car manufacturers.

At Underwoods we offer a comprehensive package that includes; Paint Protection, Fabric Protection and Wheel Protection, supplied in either a Gold or Silver pack, with optional Leather Protection available*.

Our professionally trained Valeting team will carefully apply the protection pack* in advance of you collecting your new vehicle. Supagard is available at all Underwoods Motoring dealerships in Essex & Suffolk at Clacton, Sudbury and Tiptree.

What's more, the Supagard product comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

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The Supagard treatments we use are adopted and approved by vehicle manufacturers world wide. They are a trusted and recommended accessory for Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citroën, Fiat, Ford, Kia, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Peugeot, Toyota, Vauxhall and Volvo.

Exterior Protection

Why protect your paintwork?

Supagard is a paint sealant and is designed to protect the paintwork of your new car from harsh environmental elements. This includes; Ultra violet rays from the sun which can fade paintwork, atmospheric fallout including acid rain which can cause damage to the paint finish, salt used on the roads during the winter months and other similar contributors that will cause corrosion over time to the paint surface.

Here is an example of paint that wasn't protected and has experienced the effects of such contaminants. This example is less than a year old.

What does Supagard protect??

Once applied, all you need to do is wash your car, which will be much easier with the product applied. Supagard is professionally applied by our trained Valeters before you receive the vehicle. What could be simpler?

It protects against; UV Rays, Acid/Alkaline Rain, Mud and Dirt, Bird Droppings and Road Salt.

How does Supagard work?

Supagard products have been developed to withstand the harshest environmental and climatic conditions in the world. Their paint sealants are some of the most technologically advanced treatments available. Providing a tough, high gloss barrier bonded to the paintwork, creating a seal on the surface protecting against harmful atmospheric pollution and environmental elements.

Unprotected Car Paint

If paintwork is left unprotected, deterioration can begin from its first exposure to the elements and pollution, causing the paint to oxidise.

Unprotected After 1 Year

Once the paint has been unprotected for a year, it begins to oxidize enough so the grime and dirt in the lowest points can only be properly cleaned using a cutting polish, which effectively removes a layer of paint.

Protected After 3 Years

Supagard protects the paint from day one. There has been no oxidization, no accumulation of grime and no reduction in paint thickness.


Interior Protection

Why protect my fabric?

If left unprotected, the fibres in your new car can soak up liquids and dirt, leading to unsightly stains and marks which can devalue your car.

The invisible barrier helps reduce friction between the fibres prolonging their life. This allows the Fabrics and Carpets to retain their natural texture and appearance.

What does Supagard protect against?

Once the fabric is protected with Supagard the following can be removed quickly and easily; mud, dirt, drinks, food spills and mucky pet mess

How does Supagard work?

Our trained Valeters coat each fibre of the fabric seats and carpets with Supagard's resin based formula, making the removal of dirt and mess easy. This will prevent staining and preserve the texture and appearance of your vehicle's material. 

Unprotected Fabric

If unprotected the liquid and dirt mess is free to easily move between untreated fabric fibres.

Unprotected Fabric After 1 Year

A coffee spill is common and made worse when rubbed vigorously to attempt to remove the liquid, making it worse by ingraining the stain into the fabric.

Supagard Protected After 3 Years

Supagard’s unique formula created a shield to protect and seal the fabric on the seats and carpets to stop staining so your beloved car still looks as good as new and importantly retains value. When protected with Supagard, spillages can be wiped with a clean dry cloth to remove them quickly and easily.

Wheel Protection

Why protect my alloy wheels?

Your alloy wheels are the part of the car which experiences the most wear and tear on the road. By applying a level of protection, your alloys will keep their shine for longer and even make them easier to clean. Supagard will preserve your alloy wheels from the corrosive elements of road salt, brake dust, dirt, insects and UV rays.

When applied to alloy wheels, Supagard's Bionic Wheel Protection creates a protective coating to defend against corrosive environmental contaminants that your wheels inevitably come into contact with on a daily basis.

Please note: Supagard Wheel Protection is included in our 'Gold' pack, but is applied by the customer.

Less time cleaning your alloy wheels?

Nobody likes to spend more time than is necessary to clean our alloy wheels, but they just look awful if we don't. Supagard provides a protective coating that keeps dirt and brake dust at bay, making your alloys easier to clean and looking shinier and newer for longer.

Unprotected Wheel Surfaces

If alloy wheels are left unprotected, deterioration can begin also immediately. Environmental pollution, acid rain and UV rays will begin to oxidise the alloy material.

Unprotected Wheel Surfaces After 1 Year

Once the alloy has begun to oxidise, the grime trapped in the lower points of the surface can only be cleaned by refurbing the alloy which is costly.

Protected with Supagard After 1 Year

However, if the alloy is treated, it will be protected by a durable membrane, helping to maintain a high gloss shine and providing protection against contaminants such as brake dust.

Leather Protection

Why protect my leather interior?

The look, smell and feel of a leather interior complements and enhances a cars aesthetic and enjoyment. However, it does deserve a little more care in order to keep it looking its best.

Supagard leather care products is designed to help help preserve and protect the visual appeal of your leather seats. Supagard's specially designed cleaning and conditioning product gently maintains the supple feel of leather upholstery.

The new Supagard Leather Care range fully complies to COSSH and ISO 9001 regulations.

What does Supagard protect against?

  • Denim Dye Transfer 
  • Drinks Spills 
  • Mud & Dirt
  • Mucky Pets 

Unprotected Leather

Liquid and dirt is free to penetrate the leather from day one.

Unprotected After 1 Year

This shows leather stained by dirt and spills that are hard to remove. Without protection these contaminants can alter the appearance of your leather interior.

Protected Leather

Liquids and dirt can't penetrate the leather once coated with Suagard's Bionic Leather Preserver. This means dirt and spills can be easily removed from above the surface of the leather.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Supagard

Q. Is Supagard really going to make a difference?

A. Supagard is not just a polish that gives a little extra protection. The product forms a lasting layer of polymer over your new cars paintwork, providing a far more comprehensive and strong protection against various road and environment elements.

Q. How long does Supagard protection last?

A. The Supagard product has a lifetime of ownership guarantee, so once it is applied professionally by ourselves, your paint and interior are protected without any need to re-apply.

Q. Does Supagard protect immediately and a long period?

A. The moment we apply the product, the paintwork protected. Without the product car paint will gradually start to deteriorate. The same with interiors, once the product is given time to properly dry your materials is fully protected. Also, the product only needs to be applied once, hence the lifetime guarantee!

Q. How long does it take for Supagard to be applied?

A. Our professional valeters will take up to two hours to ensure the Supagard product is properly applied.

Underwoods Motoring have dealerships in Tiptree and Clacton in Essex and Sudbury in Suffolk.


Underwoods Motoring are a trusted local used car supplier authorised by leading manufacturers including Vauxhall, Skoda, Kia and Ford for aftersales. We are a trusted partner of Supagard protection system and have been delivering this service many years to thousands of happy customers. From our locations in Clacton, Sudbury and Tiptree in Essex and Suffolk, we have been supplying quality used cars to the surrounding areas for over 40 years including; Colchester, Harwich, Manningtree, Frinton, Walton, Jaywick, Holland-on-Sea, Weeley, Stanway. Maldon, Heybridge, Braintree, Witham, Kelvedon, Mersea, Coggeshall, Great Totham, Bures, Hadleigh, Clare, Halstead, Long Melford, Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Haverhill and many more

*Wheel Protection included as standard in 'Large' packs and it not applied by our Valeters. Wheel Protection can be purchased separately. Leather Protection packs supplied separately.