Used Car Warranty

Every quality used car we provide comes with a minimum of 12 months warranty for your peace-of-mind. This will be either the remaining manufacturer Warranty, our own Warranty or a combination.

The Underwoods Premium Warranty is our own solution and is designed to give you every confidence in your new purchase.

Our Premium Warranty is underwritten by the Warranty Solutions Group, an award winning and respected warranty provider. This provides 12 months protection for your new vehicle against any unexpected repair bills with our superior cover warranty. Further yearly extensions to our Premium Warranty are available.

Our used car warranty covers approximately 6,000 parts, which includes many that are normally excluded by other warranties including the manufacturers.

For further information speak to one of our helpful team.


What's so good about our Premium Warranty?

  • Minimum 12 months cover for your peace of mind
  • Cover for thousands of parts and potential faults
  • Fast claims service with 48 hour payments
  • Unlimited claims during the cover period
  • No excess charges
  • Car hire contribution & 30 days EU cover
  • Breakdown cover for the term
  • Wear and tear cover

Award Winning & Customer Reviews

Our warranty is provided by the 'Warranty Solutions Group' and has won several prestigious industry awards, reinforcing its credibility as the best warranty for used cars available in the UK. This is testament to the outstanding customer care and added-value services that are provided by 'Warranty Solutions Group.


The 'Warranty Solutions Group' receives an outstanding Trustpilot 'Excellent' rating of 4.7/5.0 out of 226 reviews*.

*Source: Trustpilot website September 2023.

What is covered?

Under our Premium Warranty for all cars up to 10 years old and 100,000 miles, most of the following components are fully covered.

This includes many elements not covered by most Manufacturers warranties.

Our Premium Warranty covers the following;

  • Engine
  • Gearbox and transmission
  • Drive system
  • Clutch
  • Braking system
  • Steering system
  • Cooling system
  • Suspension
  • Electrical / electronic parts
  • Fuel system

  • Wheel hubs and bearings
  • Hybrid & electric vehicles
  • Casings
  • Working materials
  • Air conditioning
  • Ignition system
  • Camshaft timing belt / chains
  • Flywheel
  • Supercharger

  • Turbocharger
  • In-car entertainment
  • Remote keyobs / key cards
  • Diagnosis costs
  • DPF / catalytic converter
  • Battery (exc. EVs and hybrids)
  • Oil seals and gaskets
  • Wear and tear

With our Warranty you will also receive these great benefits;

  • Car hire and vehicle recovery
  • Free basic breakdown cover^
  • European cover
  • Rail fare / hotel accommodation


Endorsed by The Stig, Ben Collins

Our warranty has even been approved by none other than the former Top Gear Stig, Hollywood Stunt Man and Motorsport Legend Ben Collins.

Here is what Ben has to say; “If you’re buying a used vehicle, you’ll want the best warranty to go with it. I’ve proudly partnered with Warranty Solutions Group to bring you the most advanced warranties on the market today for the ultimate protection against unexpected repair bills.”

Ben Collins has performed as a stunt driver and performer in many Hollywood films including; James Bond No Time to Die, Spectre and Skyfall, Wonder Woman, Jurassic World Dominion, Bad Boys for Life, Batman the Dark Knight Rises and Le Mans '66 to name just a few.


What does my Underwoods Premium car warranty cover (and not cover)?

With Underwoods, your vehicle is covered for a huge range of parts, plus the technicians labour times required to repair or replace them. In total approximately 6,000 electrical, mechanical and electronic components are included, which includes many that are normally excluded by other used car warranties.

If you would like to compare like for like, please ask for details, but a comprehensive list can be found above.

What happens if my car exceeds the age and mileage parameters?

Once your vehicle reaches 100,000 miles the 'wear and tear' element ceases, but all other cover remains the same.

How do I make a claim?

Before you have any work carried out, you must contact our Service team at any of our branches. Click here for location details.

An authorisation code will need to be provided before any repairs can be carried out.

Note: We won’t be able to pay for any repairs that are carried out without our authorisation.

What is a used car warranty?

A used car warranty provides a written guarantee covering specific mechanical, electrical and electronic parts against sudden and unexpected failure. The warranty agreement will cover some or all of the costs involved with replacing or repairing the parts within a defined time frame over an agreed period of cover.

A modern car contains thousands of complex moving parts, so with more advanced technologies in use, the more complicated and expensive repairs will become. Hence why we provide this cover with all cars we provide for your peace-of-mind and potentially saving you a great deal in repair costs.

Do I need to use an Underwoods garage for repairs?

You will have the option to use either an Underwoods dealerships or one closer to your location. However 'Warranty Solutions Group' the provider of our warranty, works with many garages across the United Kingdom, which means that they settle claims with them directly.

If you choose to use your own garage outside of our network, please be aware that we have a set labour rate so any excess labour charges above our parameters will be your responsibility. Your chosen garage may want you to settle the bill first, but don’t worry we will reimburse you once we have received the full invoice for the repairs actioned and any documents requested.

Depending on the nature and severity of the warranty claim, your vehicle may need to be seen by a specialist. Our warranty suppliers network also includes a number of repairers that specialise in systems such as turbos, gearboxes, engines, drive lines, ECUs and power steering.

^Includes one roadside assistance call out. Other exclusions apply.

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