Do you want to sell your car?

We will buy your car and offer you a great price.

At Underwoods Motoring we don't just sell cars, we are always interested in buying cars of any make and model and we promise to offer you a fair price.

Plus we wont expect you to part exchange for another car. So if you are considering selling please consider us first.

But that's not all, if you have outstanding finance on your vehicle we can discuss settling that for you.* Just ask for details.

Value my car

It couldn't be easier. Click on the link below to contact your closest Underwoods location and our experienced team will provide you with a fair and accurate quotation.



In just three easy steps you will receive three potential values for your vehicle, based its condition.

These are "showroom", "average" or "below average" condition. More information to describe this can be found below.

We understand the importance of establishing affordability of your next car purchase. So we hope this valuation tool provides you with what you need.

Prepare for sale

This may seem obvious but the better condition your vehicle is in, the better the price you will receive. Simple!

Clean your car - Get out your bucket and sponge and give your car a good clean inside and out. Straight away its more appealing to a potential buyer.

Service records - Ensure you have all the service history and MOT information available. This really helps the value of any car, especially if it has been cared for by the manufacturer. An up to date MOT of course is essential.

Check everything works - Take a few minutes to ensure all the electrics are working correctly; lights, windows, washers etc. If not, its a good idea to get those looked at prior to sale, otherwise it will effect the sales price.

Minor damage - If your car shows signs of minor damage, such as a scratch or dent, you might want get that repaired.

Spare keys - Sourcing spare keys can be another cost to the potential buyer, so have a good look around and ensure you have 2 or more keys for the vehicle.

Condition levels

To help you understand how we measure a vehicles value, we use three categories; showroom condition, average condition and poor condition. Below is an easy guide to asses what level you think your car meets.

Showroom Condition

  • Paintwork is free from visible marks such as scratches, chips and dents
  • Interior trim is unmarked without stains or carpet damage
  • Wheels / Alloys Wheels and trims are unmarked and tyres a minimum of 5mm all round
  • Vehicle of original factory specification
  • The vehicle has a full-service history and current MOT
  • Current registration documents and a minimum of two keys are included

Average Condition

  • Vehicle has a service history and MOT certificate but requires some work to bring it up to a suitable condition for sale
  • The wheels, paintwork or bodywork need minor attention

Below Average Condition

  • Vehicle has a poor service history or less than a month remaining on your MOT certificate
  • Visible dents, bumpers, wheel and paint damage requiring repair
  • Mechanical issues are present

Lets talk

If you would like to discuss a valuation and full appraisal of your car, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Alternatively, please feel free to drop in for a visit at one of our dealerships.


*If the balance on your outstanding finance agreement is less than the value of the vehicle we will require additional settlement funds.