Driving Life

At the centre of our lives are our family and friends. When miles separate us we are drawn closer together.

The time we spend with those most important to us is truly valuable.We love our cars for this reason, taking us exactly where we want to be and enjoying the independence they provide. We depend on them daily, travelling to and fro, for socialising and shopping, to work and to play.

We are the family chauffeur, the designated driver and the motoring enthusiast.

At Underwoods we understand the sense of freedom our cars provide and are here to support your life on the road.

We are the local name you know - an independent motoring organisation with experience and know-how, chosen by leading manufacturers to represent some of the worlds most popular vehicle brands.

As a privately owned business we will provide a personal service unlike any other. We are helpful and respectful; dedicating our time to ensure the vehicle you drive provides an enjoyable, safe and reliable experience.

Giving care and support to our customers and their vehicles is at the heart of our organisation.

We are Underwoods and we are driving life.

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