Article By Jason

Understanding Underwoods

Choosing a business to trust with your vehicle can be daunting. It is our opinion that only with all the information can you make an informed decision. So allow us the chance to present what we believe are the differences that set Underwoods apart from other garages.


Firstly we are independently owned, not a PLC which, from our experience, will make your experience far more personal.

This is not to say we are small or without influence. We have five dealerships in Essex and Suffolk and hold six vehicle franchises, for all of which we were approached by the manufacturers to represent their world leading vehicle brands. By using our influence we can present unique offers to you that other dealerships may not.

Although independent with our own strong ethos of customer service, we are also governed by the stringent regulations required to keep a global motor franchise. Therefore our processes are designed to ensure complete customer satisfaction at every stage of both sales and aftersales care. Our friendly and helpful approach is an ethos that all Underwoods employees embrace.


The benefits of using Underwoods garage services are extensive, so here are the headlines;


All work carried out will be completed by an experienced technicians, fully trained and authorised by the respective manufacturer whether; Vauxhall, Skoda, Mazda, Kia or Ford.

We only use genuine manufacturers parts including the top specification fully synthetic oil. Proven to extend the life of your vehicle and of course meet warranty requirements.

SUPPORT - Alternative transport arrangements are available should you require them free of charge. We will provide either a courtesy car by appointment, or a collection and delivery service within a 15 mile radius. Although we do recommend you book in advance to avoid disappointment.*

WARRANTY - We have great confidence in our expertise, therefore both our labour and parts carry a 12 month warranty.

VEHICLE HEALTH CHECK - Your vehicle will receive a complementary Vehicle Health Check and we will provide a full report on the overall condition of the vehicle, free of charge.

MAIN DEALER - As a main dealer, we will check to see if the vehicle has any outstanding manufacturer upgrades. If needed, the work will be carried out free of charge. We will also carry out an anti-perforation inspection, checking for any corrosion.

VALET - Each vehicle receives a complimentary wash and vacuum in preparation for collection.

Our competitors will not provide all of the above in the price of their service.


To ensure we deliver the highest standards of customer experience and provide fair choice, we have invested in becoming an Appointed Representative and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Underwoods Motor Group is permitted to advise on, and arrange, non-investment insurance policies for its customers.

To obtain FCA authorisation our staff have been trained and assessed on general insurance and are part of a structure that has been implemented to ensure they remain continually competent.

Our Finance Providers include; Vauxhall Finance, Mazda Financial Services, Kia Financial Services, Ford Credit, Skoda Finance, Santander and ALD Automotive.

For full details download this PDF.


So you see, it is well worth asking a few key questions before you choose your next garage, whether you are buying a vehicle or booking servicing and repairs.

*Courtesy car and Collection and Delivery Service require 7-10 days notice, are subject to availability and not available for MOT’s. Driver’s must be 21 years or over. Exclusions may apply.