Air Conditioning Service

During the hot summer or freezing winter months, its imperative you will want your air conditioning working at its best.

At Underwoods in Essex & Suffolk we can service the Air Conditioning systems of all makes and models at our workshops in Colchester, Sudbury, Clacton & Tiptree, this service includes;

Air Conditioning Anti-Bacterial Clean

After time, your Air-Conditioning system can produce harmful bacteria that build up in the air conditioning system and this can lead to unpleasant odours, allergic reactions and irritations. Underwoods trained technicians will carry out a treatment that will cleanse the air conditioning system, which will improving the air quality, eliminating odours and providing a healthier environment in your vehicle.

Air Conditioning Re-Gas - R134A

Your Air-Conditioning doesn’t just provide in-car comfort during the hot summer months; it can also be used in winter to demist your windscreen. Air-con systems create dry warm air rather than the normal humid air from outside which can clear your windscreen much more quickly than your regular blowers.If the Air Conditioning system isn’t working properly moist air won’t be able to demist the windscreen, affecting visibility.

Around 10% of air-conditioning gas will be lost from the air-con system every year, that's why most car manufacturers recommend that the air-con system is recharged with new gas every 2 years

Air-Con Service (R134A) £69.00.

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The New Air Conditioning Standard - HFO - 1234YF

Developed in conjunction with all major car manufacturers, HFO - 1234YF is the new, lower emission Air Conditioning standard for all vehicles produced for EU countries from 2013. Underwoods have invested in the latest next generation 1234YF unit that meets the highest standards in performance, safety and efficiency.

The HFO-1234YF low emission gas is considerably more expensive than the conventional gas and is used on the majority of new model launches by most manufacturers, but it is best to check first with your local Underwoods Service Department. For new vehicles such as these the Air-Con Service is charged at £139.00.Being environmentally friendly unfortunately does not come cheap!

Underwoods can ensure that your cars HFO-1234YF based air conditioning system is serviced and re-gassed in the most efficient and reliable way possible.

Air-Con Service (1234YF) £139.00.

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How Often Does My Air Conditioning System Need A Service

Most manufacturers say two years from registration or 20,000 miles to maintain optimum air-con performance and maximum fuel economy, and then every two years after that. It does vary though by make, model and vehicle age so check with your local Underwoods Service Department to find out if your vehicle is ready for an Air Conditioning Service.

Some of the problems with your Air Conditioning system include:

  • Unusual smells come out of the air vents
  • The windows fog up when system is turned on
  • Air conditioning system doesn't cool the vehicle to the required temperature
  • The fan / blower doesn't work
  • Failure of the dashboard controls
  • The air conditioning system or engine makes a loud noise when the system is turned on
  • The car stalls when air conditioning is switched on
  • There is water on the floor of the vehicle

What Happens During An Air Conditioning Re-Gas Service?

  • All gases and moisture are removed through a deep vacuum of the system
  • We vacuum check the entire system for leaks
  • Lubricating PAG oil (special air conditioning oil) is added
  • Dye is added to look for leaks (if authorised)
  • The gas is measured and recharged into the system
  • Running pressures are checked
  • Cabin vent temperature is checked
  • The system is also checked with an electronic sniffer

How Does My Air Conditioning System Work?

The air conditioning system is basically a refrigerator designed to move heat from the inside of your car to the outside. The key parts of the system are briefly described below.

Compresses and circulates the refrigerant in the system

The refrigerant carries the heat in the system.

The condenser changes the the refrigerant from gas to liquid and removes the heat from the car.

The evaporator moves heat to the refrigerant from the air blown across it, cooling the vehicle.

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