Batteries, Bulbs & Lights

All vehicles rely on an element of electricity to start the engine, driver information display and of course lighting the way on our journey



We supply quality car batteries which have been approved by the manufacturer. 

Without a battery in good working order, starting your vehicle will be a problem, as this provides the necessary power to the starter motor which effectively starts the engine over. Once driving, the alternator provides the electrical system with power and in turn replenishes power back to the battery to keep it fully charged.

Unfortunately batteries will deteriorate over time. Frost and cold winter mornings will effect your battery, reducing its capacity. So we recommend that checking the health of your battery is a quick maintenance tip to prevent problems occurring.

Common signs that your battery is degrading failure for the engine to turn over requiring a jump start. Certainly time to call Underwoods and we will provide a free battery health check service. Just call in and make an appointment.

Bulbs & Lights

A blown bulb could easily see you pulled over by the police and a penalty fine issued. A simple walk around every now and again to check for correct operation will help this. That also goes for indicators, as a failed indication could cause an accident which you could be liable for.

Of course most importantly, your lights need to be in good working order to ensure you can see the road ahead and other drivers (and pedestrians) can clearly see you. We stock and a wide variety of bulbs to fit most makes and models.

If your light housing or cover has been damaged, we can source and fit this for you also.

Finally headlamp misalignment can cause an issue for you and other drivers. If you suspect your lights require adjustment then please contact us. We can use our alignment equipment to ensure they are in good working order.

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If you have questions about your vehicles battery or lights, do not hesitate to call your local Underwoods in Clacton, Sudbury or Tiptree in Essex and Suffolk.

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Underwoods Motoring are a trusted local garage authorised by some of the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers. We provide Batteries, light housing and system and replacement bulbs for all makes and models of passenger car and commercial vans. From our garages in Clacton, Sudbury and Tiptree in Essex and Suffolk, we support the surrounding areas including; Colchester, Harwich, Manningtree, Frinton, Walton, Jaywick, Holland-on-Sea, Weeley, Stanway. Maldon, Heybridge, Braintree, Witham, Kelvedon, Mersea, Coggeshall, Great Totham, Bures, Hadleigh, Clare, Halstead, Long Melford, Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill.