Brakes for Cars & Vans

First things first, we urge you not to take any risks with your brakes if you think there is a problem.

Sometimes neglected, your vehicles braking system is its first and most important safety feature. We recommend brakes are checked regularly and issues discussed with our team.

Many factors can determine over what time frame your brakes should be looked at but general wear and tear will occur over time. Brake fluid we do recommend is changed every 2 years generally speaking.


What should you be looking out for?

Here are some examples;

Grinding – If you hear a metallic grinding noise when the brake pedal is applied (its quite distinctive), then it is likely your brake pads are worn down to the metal. This will create friction and also damage your brake disks, which can be costly.

Squeaking – A high pitched squeaking noise suggests a sticking brake calliper, meaning your brakes are semi-applied. You may also feel you are being slowed down. This will wear your pads and disks.

Shaking and juddering – This sensation when applying the steering brake pedal could be a sign your brake discs have become warped and distorted (usually by excessive heat). You may feel the vehicle pulling to one side when braking as the contact surface has become uneven and creating a wobbling feeling.

Soft Brake Pedal – This usually indicates that your brake fluid isn't working effectively. If the brake pedal with little resistance or become limp and soft feeling, this could identify a major braking issue such as with your master cylinder. Please seek urgent assistance from Underwoods.

Dashboard Warning Lights – Cars are a pretty clever these days and mostly have warning indictor lights on the dashboard. They will notify you of any issues with brake pads or fluids running low. Please do not ignore these messages.

Handbrake – If your handbrake feels ineffective to hold the vehicle stationary, this is a common sign your handbrake needs adjusting. Sometimes the cable becomes stretched with repeated operation and can be an MOT failure.

Brake Fluid – We highly recommend renewing your brake fluid every 2 years. Over time your brake fluid can absorb moisture which reduces its effectiveness to ensure you stop.

Free Brake Check

We know how important your braking system is so we offer all our customers a free brake check service. Our experienced technicians understand brakes completely and will inspect them thoroughly to ensure such a critical safety component of your vehicle is in good working order.

They will; take measurements of brake pads, discs or drums to identify wear, check brake cylinder and callipers for corrosion, inspect the brake hoses and pipes for leaks, check the handbrake operation and check the brake fluid levels and quality.

If you have questions about your braking system, do not hesitate to call your local Underwoods in Clacton, Sudbury or Tiptree in Essex and Suffolk.


Underwoods Brake Repair Locations

Clacton - 107 Old Road, Clacton, Essex, CO15 3AL - 01255 222444
Sudbury - 32 Cornard Road, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2XA - 01787 372301
Tiptree - 5 Church Road, Tiptree, Essex, CO5 OLG - 01621 817781

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