Clutches for Cars & Vans

Applying to manual transmission cars, the clutch transfers the force from the engine to the transmission (gears) providing the drive to the wheel allowing you change up and down through the gears.

Clutches are another component of driving which can cause expensive damage if they go wrong and can even be dangerous.

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How do I know when my clutch is faulty?

A clutch is not usually changed until a problem is identified, but driving style and general wear and tear will lead to a replacement being needed. 

Common signs of a clutch needing attention include; a soft or spongey clutch pedal when depressed, trouble select or staying in gear, a grinding sound during gear changes, clutch pedal stuck in down position or inability to change gear. 

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, please contact Underwoods and we will check it for you.

Genuine or Approved Parts

As an Authorised Repairer we will replace your clutch or flywheel using genuine main dealer manufacture parts. This will be done at the scheduled time to the same standard to ensure your vehicle warranty is valid.

If you have questions about your vehicles clutch, do not hesitate to call your local Underwoods in Clacton, Sudbury or Tiptree in Essex and Suffolk..

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Underwoods Clutch Repair Locations

Clacton - 107 Old Road, Clacton, Essex, CO15 3AL - 01255 222444
Sudbury - 32 Cornard Road, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2XA - 01787 372301
Tiptree - 5 Church Road, Tiptree, Essex, CO5 OLG - 01621 817781

Underwoods Motoring are a trusted local garage authorised by some of the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers. We provide clutch inspections and clutch replacements for all makes and models of passenger car and commercial vans. From our garages in Clacton, Sudbury and Tiptree in Essex and Suffolk, we support the surrounding areas including; Colchester, Harwich, Manningtree, Frinton, Walton, Jaywick, Holland-on-Sea, Weeley, Stanway. Maldon, Heybridge, Braintree, Witham, Kelvedon, Mersea, Coggeshall, Great Totham, Bures, Hadleigh, Clare, Halstead, Long Melford, Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill.