Exhausts for Cars & Vans

What does your exhaust do?

To ensure toxic emissions from your vehicles engines combustion process are kept to a minimum, a healthy exhaust system is critical to protect our health and the environment. The exhaust system is made up of several components working together to clean the emissions generated from combustion ensuring waste emitted is safe and within CO2 regulation. Emission control levels are tested on your MOT test through visual inspection and using an exhaust gas emission test.

A healthy exhaust will keep you, your passengers and the environment safe. If you think your exhaust system has a fault, contact your local Underwoods.

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How do I know my exhaust system is faulty?

Here are some examples;

Chugging noise – If your car is making an usually loud roaring or chugging noise it could identify an issue with the silencer section of your exhaust system. Over time or through driving in certain conditions moisture and condensation pooling can cause the silencer to corrode. This quite loud and obvious noise might indicate a blockage in your exhaust system.

Hissing or blowing – This most likely identified there is a hole in your exhaust pipe or manifold, usually caused by general environmental corrosion. Alternatively, it may be a leaking gasket allowing exhaust gases to leak out prematurely.

Rattling – You will notice this as the noise can be quite loud, most likely the contact of exhaust components against the vehicles underside. This indicates the support brackets, mounting or clamps that secure your exhaust system may have a less than perfect connection.

Smoking or soot – This is noticeable by an accumulation of black soot around your exhaust tips or the system expelling dark smoke. This will suggest your exhaust system has excess soot which is not being captured and correctly handled by your particulate filter. It could also suggest a blockage of some type which is not uncommon.

Dashboard Warning Lights - Cars are a pretty clever these days and mostly have warning indictor lights on the dashboard for exhaust issues. Should the engine management light, or diesel or exhaust filter light be displayed, this is an early warning sign to act to ensure your vehicle is working safely.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, give us a call.

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If you are experiencing any issues with your exhaust or concerned it may cause an MOT fail, please contact us.

Our skilled technicians examine your exhaust system providing advise of how to fix the issue or suggest advice for preventative maintenance.

Call us if you are concerned about; corrosion holes or cracks, your exhausts mounting, strange or loud noises or loss of performance.

If you have questions about your vehicles exhaust system, do not hesitate to call your local Underwoods in Clacton, Sudbury or Tiptree in Essex and Suffolk.

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