Tyres & Wheels

Four wheels are mainly chosen on their looks, but the tyres have a greater purpose. They are your point of contact to the road and play role in handling, performance, fuel efficiency and of course stopping in the case of an emergency. Therefore your tyres especially should always been in condition and suitable for their purpose

Another test point of your MOT, tyres are the drivers responsibility to maintain and check they meet the legal tread depth, condition and air pressure.


What to look out for on tyres?

Here are some examples;

Wear – Made from rubber tyres are perishable and therefore over time and usage will results in wear and even cracking and splits.

How and where you drive – The road surface and how you drive will directly affect how your tyres wear.  Potholes, uneven surfaces and curbs can easily remove a chunk from the side of your tyre. If you drive irrationally, excelerating and braking hard, having to come to an emergency stop often with create uneven tread wear.

A note about pot holes. Pot holes are your enemy, especially on low profile tyres. Blow outs from hitting pot holes are commonplace and can even cause suspension damage. Even if you have deeper tyres, make every safe effort to avoid pot holes as the more you hit, the more damage they cause. Tyres are costly and wheels even more so.

Wheel alignment – If your wheels and tyres are not correctly aligned it will cause uneven tyre wear, leading to wandering off line and poor handling. This will reduces the longevity of your tyres and compromise fuel economy.

Tyre pressure – One of the easiest maintenance jobs we can all do is check the tyre pressure. Keeping the pressure correct and even will improve the longevity of your tyres.

Free Tyre Check

If you are concerned about the quality of your types or wheels in anyway, let our technicians who understand tyre safety check them. Its free and wont take long checking; tread depths and tyre age and general condition.

If you have questions about your wheel or tyres, do not hesitate to call your local Underwoods in Clacton, Sudbury or Tiptree in Essex and Suffolk.


Underwoods Tyre Repair Locations

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Tiptree - 5 Church Road, Tiptree, Essex, CO5 OLG -
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